Running for beginners

Running for beginners

It’s so much more appealing to exercise outdoors when the weather warms up. Running is a fantastic form of cardio fitness which also allows you to get outside and explore new surroundings. However, it can be quite intimidating for those of us who aren’t natural runners or haven’t given it a go for some time.

Like any new activity, it’s important to ease into it. Don’t push yourself too hard, too quickly. Here are our top tips for giving running a go:

Start with short running intervals

As a new runner, don’t plan on running an entire distance in one go. Break your planned route into smaller intervals and keep them short in the beginning. Walk in between the intervals as this will allow you to recover a little. Over time you can extend the running intervals and shorten the walking sections. Initially intervals of 2 minutes jogging and 2 minutes walking can work best.

Don’t run too fast

Your body will not be used to the new stresses and strains of running. It can be tempting to jog at a fast pace, but you are likely to become overexerted too quickly and there is a high risk that you could sustain an injury. It’s recommended to begin running at a moderate pace, generally this is where you can easily hold a conversation.

Prioritise recovery

Rest and recovery is vital to ensure you can make running part of your routine. Schedule your training so you can have a day of rest after your run. This will allow your body to recover and prevents overuse injuries.

Happy running.

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