Mindfulness tips for the festive season

Mindfulness tips for the festive season

Christmas is nearly here and it’s important we prioritise our mental health. Participating in mindfulness activities will ensure you feel calmer and can focus on the positive aspects of the festive season. Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening around us, but allowing it to stay as it is. Not only can it reduce stress but also means we can recognise moments of peace and appreciate the good things. 


These are our top tips to stay calm this Christmas and live in the moment:


  • See the light

Make the most of the sunshine and spend as much time outdoors as you can. Getting plenty of fresh air is sure to help refresh your mind, just make sure to stay sun smart!


  • Mindful hydration

Staying hydrated is vitally important for our body and it can also be very good for your mind. We recommend taking a moment to observe your surroundings, breathe deeply and check in with how you are feeling every time you drink a glass of water. 


  • Improve your mood with music

Play music across a variety of genres and see how it can shift your mood. Add a bit of movement to really feel the music.


  • Walk in nature

Put your devices away and get out for a walk in nature. Take in your surroundings and breathe in the fresh air. 


  • Write down happy memories

Try journaling to reflect on favourite memories. You might want to stick in pictures, cards or just write dot points. It’s something you can revisit and continually add to.


  • Stretch it out

When energy levels are low and movement is less appealing, opt for stretching instead. Follow an online guide or listen to your body and take it slow.


  • Focus on your breath

Breathing exercises are a key part of mindfulness activities. Focus on breathing and see how this can calm your whole body.

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