Backyard cricket

Backyard cricket

If you’re looking for a great physical activity all the family can get involved in, why not try backyard cricket? Cricket is an iconic summer sport for Australians, and for good reason. It’s fun, social, sometimes overly competitive but a great way to get outside and get your body moving.  

While every family might incorporate their own variations of the rules. Here are our tips and rules to help you make it a great game. 

1. Choosing teams:

Teams should be equally balanced in terms of numbers and abilities. Trying a kids vs adult’s game is generally not a good idea. Team sizes can be as big or small as needed. 

2. Equipment

Tennis balls are perfect for backyard cricket because they’re softer and less likely to hurt someone or cause damage. If you have a set of stumps, that’s fantastic, but if not it does not matter, as backyard cricket is all about improvisation. You could use a bin, esky or even a reasonably sized set of sticks.

3. End of the match

Everyone scores and ends the match in their own ways. But we recommend finishing a game, when food is ready, all balls have gone missing, it’s getting too dark, people are no longer having fun, or everyone is out. 

Optional rules: 

  • One hand one, bounce: you can get the batter out if you catch the ball with one hand after it bounces once. 
  • 6 and out: if the batter hits it too far or over a fence, they get six runs but are out. 
  • Not out on the first ball: Everyone deserves a practice hit, you can’t get someone out on their first ball. 

Enjoy getting outside and having some fun. 

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