Enjoying your own town

As much as we all love to discover new places, when was the last time you fully explored the area you live in? It can be so easy to take our hometown for granted, so we have some tips for you to enjoy a weekend at home.

Visit a new café

What better way to start the weekend then by visiting a café you may not have had the chance to go to yet. The hospitality industry is forever evolving, and new healthy venues pop up all the time. Check out the latest reviews to find what’s popular or choose a place at random. Try some dishes you never make for yourself at home. 

Take a new walking trail

Autumn is the perfect season for long walks to enjoy the changing scenery with its autumn colours on display. Get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and feel re-energised. If you can find a new trail to explore it might make you appreciate the area you live in even more.

Have a picnic 

Sometimes something as simple as a picnic is all you need to relax and unwind. Pack up a selection of your favourite food and drinks, gather friends or family and make your way to a scenic spot in your area. Appreciate your surroundings and those who live nearby as you share your meal. Picnics like this can really boost your wellbeing. 

Visit a tourist attraction

Who says you can’t be a tourist in your own town? Often, we forget about the drawcards that bring tourists to our area. Visiting these attractions is not only fun but will make you appreciate why you choose to call this place home. 

Visit a lookout

Lookouts give you a whole new perspective on a place. It provides an opportunity to point out your favourite things and makes you appreciate what we often take for granted. 

Spend the night somewhere

A staycation can be an great way to enjoy time in your town. Spending an evening close by, with no chores to consider, will allow you to relax and wind down over the weekend. You can research to find the best deals and may even discover accommodation options you didn’t even know existed.

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