Improving mindset through walking

Walking is an effective form of exercise because it promotes both our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s something that can easily be incorporated into our daily routines and the benefits are extensive. Walking can also be a great social activity to do with family and friends. You may even forget you are exercising!


Key benefits of walking include:

Lowers stress levels

Being outdoors allows us to switch off from everyday pressures and helps to clear our heads. We can breathe in fresh air, take in the nature around us and forget about our worries for a while.

Improves creativity

Searching for new ideas? Walking can allow us to think more clearly, which can help us to think of new ideas. So, if you need inspiration for a creative project, a 20-minute walk can be a huge help.

Extra vitamin-D

Humans obtain vitamin D from both sun exposure and eating certain foods. There are multiple benefits of vitamin D including strengthening the immune system, boosting mood and strengthening muscles. In winter it’s a great idea to make use of sunny days by going for a walk, remembering the importance of staying sun smart.

Improves sleep

Walking can help you to release built up energy and calm your mind. Both of which can assist in having a restful sleep.

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