Staying active over the festive season

Staying active over the festive season

During December it’s easy to over-indulge and you might be struggling to incorporate exercise into your schedule. We have some simple ways you can ensure you move your body over the festive season:


1.Increase your step count:

It can be unbearably hot during summer and you may be tempted to stay indoors with the aircon on. Make the most of the cooler mornings and evenings by getting outdoors for a brisk walk. You can also get your steps up when shopping for food or gifts. You can get even more steps in if you only bring one shopping bag inside at a time! 


2.Make social catch ups active

Our social lives tend to pick up in December and exercise can take a backseat. Why not incorporate these social catch ups with something active. You could have a picnic at the park and bring a frisbee, walk around a neighbourhood looking at Christmas lights or go on a hike. 


3.Make it fun

Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread or don’t enjoy. Incorporate physical activities into things you enjoy or have been wanting to try. Maybe you want to go for a swim with family or have a social hit of tennis.


4.Enjoy yourself

While it’s important to stay active when you can, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to make significant physical improvements. Enjoy the down time and refresh your mind ready for the New Year.

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