Meditation for kids

At Hopewood we not only care about your health journey but also the health journey of the ones you care about most.

Sometimes the best remedy for an over active, excitable and restless person is meditation. It’s easy to get frustrated and lose track of your own mindfulness when you’re focused on someone else. So why not bring them into your learning journey and teach them some easy to do guided meditation?

We all know sitting still and quietly isn’t that easy for us or for our children.

Headspace has a fantastic online application for kids, that teaches calm, kindness and even bedtime behaviour! Headspace is a non-for profit Australian youth organisation for mental health and wellbeing funded by the Department of Health and Ageing. They’ve created these sessions for children and parents to share together. Each activity is different depending on how old your child is.

It’s free and easy to download from:

It’s the best of both worlds! It’s quality time with your child while teaching them a valuable skill for life.

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